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Greens Recovery Process

As I am sure you are all aware the winter and spring melt was not ideal for certain areas of the course. As a result of the damage that occurred we have been aggressively trying to establish grass back in all of the areas. The ways that we have been trying to establish turf has been over seeding, Read More>> Read more »

1 inch of rain

Over night the course received 1 inch of rain. The conditions will be slower as a result and the gully on one and 18 will take a few hours to have the water removed. We will be working on getting the bunkers back into playing condition. Read More>> Read more »

Greens Update – Click here

Greens Maintenance Update

As you are aware, we have been challenged with some winter damage to our greens, and in particular holes 1, 10, 18, as well as the practice green. We will be continuing our maintenance practices to bring these greens back to health and expect them to recover over the next 2 – 3 weeks. Read More>> Read more »

Flowers have arrived

Over the next week Kerrie and many of our new staff will be working hard at getting all of the flowers planted. They will be planting the Niakwa bed starting tomorrow, which will improve the look of the property by giving it some tasteful colour. Read More>> Read more »

16mm of rain

Over the past 24 hours the course has received 16mm of rain with showers expected to continue throughout the day. The greens have been cut and rolled to help keep the green speeds up as the conditions become softer from all of this precipitation. Read More>> Read more »

Repairing greens

Over the past few days there has been a large effort put towards improving the putting surfaces on certain greens. 18 green will have numerous plugs put into it to speed up the recovery of the areas that received the most damage. Read More>> Read more »

Greens work

Over the next few weeks we will be working on repairing sections of greens that were effected from the spring freeze-thaw. We will be plugging sections of the 18th green as well as re-sodding certain damaged sections.Read More>> Read more »

Greens work

Over the past few weeks the cold temperatures have kept the grass from actively growing. We have been working hard at repairing smaller damaged areas by plugging. This incorporates the Bentgrass from our nursery into these areas. Read More>> Read more »

Par 3 mats

As I am sure most members are aware, the spring conditions and cool over night temperatures are keeping the grass from actively growing. As a result we have placed mats on all of the par 3’s, that can be used to hit off of. Read More>> Read more »

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