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1/10 on an inch of rain

This morning the course received 1/10″ on rain, which will help start greening up the rough areas that do not receive any irrigation. Good luck to all that are playing in the club championship today.

Elm inoculation

Today Perennial Tree Service will begin our annual Elm tree inoculation. Their vehicles will be out on the golf course and you will start to see the containers placed around the base of the Elms that are being inoculated.

Did you know?

The average number of ball marks made on greens per round by each golfer is 12. With a daily average of 160 players our greens will suffer 1920 ball marks each day, 58400 per month and in a six month playing season 350400 ball marks each year. Read More>> So please remember to fix your ball marks or fix two other ball marks on each green.

Tee Box – Hole #8

The left-hand tee is no longer in use due to number of balls flying off property. Playing the right-hand tee boxes changes the angle and prevents from happening.

Cart Path #5 Tee Box

The cart path is closed off due to safety reasons. There is a hanging branch that could potentially fall, creating a dangerous situation.

Removal of this branch requires special equipment Craig and his team are arranging for this to be taken care of. Please refrain from using until this is dealt with and the ropes have been pulled down.

How to properly rake a bunker

Please see below on how to properly rake a bunker.

  • Locate the nearest rake
  • Enter the bunker with the rake, utilizing the closest low entry point
  • Use rake to replace equivalent amount of sand to recreate as similar a playing surface as prior to entry into the bunker
  • Upon reaching the edge of the bunker push sand away from bunker edge retaining the existing bunker edge (do not rake sand over the edge of the bunker)
  • Return rake parallel to the direction of play, as close to the bunker edge as possible, without placing the rake in the bunker

Things to Avoid:

  • Entering the bunker from a high point can lead to major disruption of the firm sand face and can easily damage the bunker edge, causing soil contamination and permanent damage to the bunker edge
  • Placing rakes on high points of the bunker edges and perpendicular to the fairway as this causes difficulty in locating rakes when needed and perpendicular rakes are more likely to affect play.


Course setup

Members have been interested in how the maintenance staff set the course up daily. Pin placements work off of a 9 day cycle where the green is broken into 9 different sections and each day the pin moves to that days location, unless the condition of the green does not favor a good putting surface.Read More>> Read more »

1/4 Inch of rain

The course received 1/4 inch of rain this morning. The rough will be very wet, so please stay on the paths as much as possible.

Spraying fairways

Today we will be spraying fairways with a fungicide to help control Dollar spot pressure.

This year, the golf course maintenance team is participating in a Research Authorization (RA) program to test a new product that is slated for Canadian registration in 2018.Read More>> Read more »

Spraying Tees

Today we will be spraying the tees with a wetting agent to help retain the moisture during the heat of summer. We will also be spraying fairways Monday with a fungicide to protect us from the onset of Dollarspot. Good luck to all that are playing in the senior championship.Read More>>
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