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Weekly Course Update

Congratulations to this year’s Niakwa Club Champions and congratulations to all those who participated in this historic annual club event.  Although the timing was not ideal we most definitely needed the rain that fell Saturday afternoon.Read More>> Read more »

Weekly Course Update

It is an exciting week for the Turfcare team here at Niakwa.  We are busy preparing the course for a couple big weeks of events beginning with the Ladies Invitational this Wednesday followed by Niakwa’s Club Championship beginning Friday. Read More>> Read more »

16 Gold Tee Out of Play

We have had a significant break to the three inch irrigation line that is running underneath the gold tee on hole 16.  This break is in an extremely challenging spot.  We have somewhat identified the area of the break.  We are doing what we can to get this repaired as soon as possible until which time the tee will be out of play.Read More>> Read more »

Rain Rain Rain

Careful what you wish for as you just might get it!  The Niakwa property was in need of a good rainfall for plant health, aesthetics and to replenish the Seine River which is our primary source of irrigation water.  Needless to say we got enough to cover all those needs and a whole lot more.Read More>> Read more »

Weekly Course Update

It has been a beautiful summer to date with lots of sun shine and very minimal days lost for the game of golf and course maintenance due to weather.  Winnipeg is off to a record breaking drought to start the 2019 year.  This has been the driest 6 months to start a year in Winnipeg since 1873 when records first began to be recorded.  Needless to say we are in need of rain.Read More>> Read more »

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