Course News

Driving Range Opening Friday

Although it has been a cool start to the season we are excited to announce that the driving range will be open for use on Friday April 20th at 12:00 pm. We are happy that the climbers were able to come in and get the fence pulled back last weekend Read More>> Read more »

Course Update

As I am sure everyone is aware the cold conditions are pushing back the opening of the course. Although cold outside the intensity of the sun is continuing to melt the snow. The drainage system in the fairways has been working as expected, keeping any puddles from forming. Read More>> Read more »

Clubhouse Construction

Work will continue today on the renovations in the basement of the club. We hope to have the first portion of the hauling completed before the end of the week. The maintenance staff would like to welcome back all the members as this is the first day that the MDR will be back open for service. Read More>> Read more »

Happy Holidays

From all the maintenance staff we wish all of the members a happy holiday and hope everyone has a wonderful and safe winter. We look forward to seeing everybody in the spring of 2018 where we will be working on getting 2 green, 18 green, 12 tee and 18 tee into play as quickly as possible.Read More>>

Sunday, October 22nd will be the final day of play

Sunday, October 22nd will be the final day of play, to allow Craig and his staff to prepare the course for winter. This process takes approximately two weeks and includes course clean up, application of winter fungicides, installation of snow fence and the covering of the greens.

The decision to close the course is not taken lightly. It is important and necessary to complete this work, to ensure the health of the turf over the winter and great conditions in the spring.

Course closing date

The course will be closed as of Monday October 23rd. We hope everyone has had a wonderful playing season and hope to see all members back again in the 2018 season.

Construction Update

Friday morning 18 green was seeded as well as a granular wetting agent incorporated into the green to help retain moisture for the seed. Two green has had all of its drainage installed and will have the top mix added starting Tuesday. Read More>> Read more »

Construction Update

Due to the almost 30mm of rain that the course received over the past few days, has caused some delayed on the construction of 2 and 18. Yesterday although wet the top mix was able to be placed into 18 green and had started to be shaped to the final grade. Read More>> Read more »

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