Irrigation Part 2

Last week we talked about where the water comes from before it enters our irrigation system. This week, let’s talk about where it goes, how it gets there and how it’s controlled. Read More>> Read more »


Last week one of my playing partners had the misfortune of pulling his tee shot on 13, hitting a tree and having his ball rattle off one of those brown buildings in the middle of 13 tee, 15 green and 16 tee. When the cursing subsided, and emotions were brought under control, lucidity was brought back into the conversation – he asked me “what’s in those buildings anyway”?

In fact, those buildings are integral to the irrigation system of the Course. Both are pump houses and both house…. guess what? – pumps!Read More>> Read more »

Our Competitive Golfers

While taking your morning cup of coffee and reading the Sports Section of today’s newspaper, you may have noticed that Niakwa is well represented on the leader board of both the Manitoba Mid Amateur and Manitoba Ladies Amateur Championships.

Niakwa has a history of success in 95 years of competitive golf and 2018 is no exception. Success in competitive golf is important for the Club at a number of levels. Read More>> Read more »

Allocation of Handicap Strokes

Last week, as sometimes happens, my playing partners and I experienced a short delay while waiting to tee off on number 12. It was a beautiful morning and, as my mind started to wander, I began to contemplate the great mysteries of our time – like why does Donald Trump continue to have the support of 40 % of the voting public? And why is Number 12 the 18thhandicap hole at Niakwa?

The answer to the former is beyond my ken, but I have a few facts about the latter.Read More>> Read more »

Niakwa Culture

This past weekend as I came off the course I was met by a couple of long time members with sand bottles in their hands. They were bemoaning the number of unrepaired divots on the fairways and pitch marks left on the greens.

This got me thinking about the “Niakwa Culture” and each Member’s responsibility to his or her fellow Members. Our culture is important for the enjoyment of all Members and it’s often makes new Members choose Niakwa over the competition. Most people are very conscientious on the Course and in the Clubhouse, but occasionally we all get a little forgetful. Here are a few reminders. Read More>> Read more »

Course Rating and Slope

Most of the people I golf with are pretty knowledgeable about the game and the rules of golf. It’s almost impossible to slip anything by them, especially if there’s a quarter on the line.

But I’m always surprised at the misunderstanding among golfers about the meanings of the terms “Course Rating” and “Slope”. I’ve even heard a very experienced golfer refer to the topography of a course when discussing slope.Read More>> Read more »

Modernizing our Greens

Most members would agree that Niakwa Country Club is one of the finest golf courses in Canada and is certainly among the best in Manitoba. It was hard to remember that last week, though, as my ball wobbled and bounced away from the cup on the first green costing me a skin, the 50 cents that went with it, and 5 minutes of bragging rights.Read More>> Read more »

4 Hour Pace of Play

Market research indicates that Pace of Play is a critical factor in a positive golf experience. The amount of time it takes to play a round of golf is also a key driver in people taking up or leaving the game. One can only spend so much time, while waiting to tee off on the 4thhole, watching the geese trim the grass under our coyote decoys, or watching the snapping turtles lumber back into the irrigation ponds.Read More>> Read more »

Rakes in the Traps

Last Thursday, as I was standing in a sand trap staring at the brand new rake laying beside the foot print in which my ball had come to rest, it occurred to me that many members may not be aware of the reasons why the club is asking players to leave rakes in the traps. Read More>> Read more »

Holes Under Construction – Reporting Handicap

Last week, with the sunshine and pleasant temperatures, I had a couple of opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine and an appetizer on the patio with my playing partners. Topics of conversation included the Jets and politics, of course, but we also discussed the rule for entering handicap scores on the holes where greens are under construction. Read More>> Read more »

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