13 Green Seeded

Yesterday 13 green was seeded making that 16 days from the start of the construction to having it seeded. We should start to see it green up over the next week and we are very excited to get the three new greens into play as soon as possible for the members enjoyment. Read More>> Read more »

13 Green Seeded

Today 13 green will be seeded to help speed up getting it back into play as soon as possible. We will continue to pull the control wire to the green over the next few days. 13 temporary green will be put into play this week as it has started to root. Read More>> Read more »

25mm of rain…

For the first real rain event of the season the course received 25mm of rain, making a lot of the areas very wet. Over the next few days the course will dry up and we should start to finally see things start to green up. Read More>> Read more »

Planning a meeting?

Niakwa Country Club offers premiere meeting spaces for all your business needs. With rooms that can accommodate up to 200, we can assist with everything from a 10 person meeting to a 200 person business luncheon or conference. Our meeting space overlooks the beautiful parkland course and is available throughout the entire year. Read More>> Read more »

Plowing in Maxi Wire

Yesterday we started plowing in the Maxi control wire to 13 green. The plow is a very loud machine and we thank all the members for understanding as we cross over fairways. Today we will finish the final push to 13 green and once we have control of our sprinklers we can then seed the green. Read More>>

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New Greens

As I am sure most are aware we are excited to see that the seed on 2 and 18 greens have germinated and that green fuzzy look is exactly what we want to see. With the extremely dry conditions we have had to depend on our irrigation system. Read More>> Read more »

Mother’s Day Brunch – Sunday, May 13th

Celebrate mom with the entire family at Niakwa Country Club on Sunday May 13th, 2018, with a special brunch.
BY RESERVATION ONLY: Please reserve your table by May 10th. Contact Rhianna at 204-256-7326.
Seating’s at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM

Sprinklers on 18 green

Now that we have the irrigation running we will have the sprinklers on the newly seeded greens coming on every 3 hours, which has to occur to keep the new seed moist as it establishes. This may cause some disruption to the first tee as they pop on automatically. Read More>> Read more »

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