Fertilizing greens

Today we will be spraying liquid fertilizer on all of the greens to help in the recovery of the winter damage. We will also continue weeding the bunker edges keeping the aesthetics of the bunkers. Also a big thanks to all that donated to the Bill Thomas memorial bench. He will be sadly missed.Read More>> Read more »

Irrigation on 16

Yesterday we started preparing the 16th hole along the lake for irrigation, to help improve the condition of the rough along the lake. We will continue to work on it today and should have it completed tomorrow. Read More>> Read more »

14 mm of rain over night

The course received 14 mm of rain over the night making a few areas very wet. Please try and avoid driving carts through these areas for the next few days. The washrooms are finally open for use along with the drinking fountains. With this last rain the grass has really started to grow quicklyRead More>> Read more »

Bathrooms Closed

The bathrooms have remained closed up until this point due to the line being frozen. As soon as it thaws the drinking lines will be in use and the washrooms will be opened. Until that time please use the temporary washroom placed between 5 and 15.

13 Green Germination

13 green has started germination already and we are excited to have all of the new greens starting to green up. We have already cut 2 and 18 green at .150 and will continue to topdress and cut to help speed up their establishment. Read More>> Read more »

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